Programming and Design

Jawal is a website that specializes in creating custom software solutions to individuals, institutions and companies, to facilitate their work and organize it with ease and professionalism, Also we assist small & large companies to start an e-commerce business, in order to transfer their services to the target audience and expand their access to them and thus generate revenue and increase growth so that they become successful companies and a leader in their field. All through using software solutions that keep up with the latest technologies and developed constantly through a dedicated team and has extensive experience in the field of programming , online marketing & smartphone applications on iOS & Android systems, as well as websites & logos design and brochures.

Our team is creating software solutions based on the client's needs first, then based on experience in the field of management & marketing, with full compliance for seeking permanent development assistance over the time to go beyond the programming obstacles that may face our customers.

With regard to websites design, we design websites for individuals, institutions, and service/business companies, using the latest technology and techniques, relying on simplicity and clarity, and commitment to customer demand to deliver the ideas in their minds to the reality, and show the website distinctively on the internet , taking into account that the design must be suitable to display customer data, and does not need a long time to load on the web browser as well as compatible with the search engines and all Internet browsers and smart mobile and tablet devices and other devices , all of this by adopting the international standards in the design and programming of websites.

We are aware that the company's logo is her title and a real expression of the nature of its business, so the successful companies give its logo and business brand a lot of attention, to expand the relationship between their customers and the business brand, so we design logos in a unique and special way in order to provide your company with the best image, and demonstrate its distinctive identity for your customers.

The company brochure is the cornerstone for its promo, so we are paying attention to the smallest details, to make it relevance to the nature of the company or organization, in order to be the key to the success of your work and a reflection for your attention to details The secret of our success is the good planning, so we focus when providing a service to the customer to set a strategy plan for the services that we will provide to him, according to the nature of his work and his target audience, in order to reach an upscale and distinctive services to our clients in the field of programming and design.

Here we offers a group of software solutions for website owners, to provide an opportunities for profit gain, through using those solutions in their websites directly, the cost of solutions are competitively & suitable for everyone. We always strive to invent powerful & appropriate solutions, easy to use within a suitable cost, so everyone will benefit from our services.

WASEL Soft is a web-based application that will allows you to use SMS service in your website, when you purchase WASEL you will be able to provide your website visitors & clients with a new & special ...
A new service that allows you to communicate with visitors or forum site and through recording their mobile phones numbers in private collections, which are similar in terms of the idea mailing list...
It's a simple Contact Us form which you can integrate in your website in Contact Us page, to receive SMS alerts in case visitors or clients send you a Contact Us email, so you follow up their requests any time .....