Privacy Policy

We in Jawal SMS do our best to maintain the security and privacy of your information , And your personal information will be away from the infusion or sale unless you given us a prior permission or for purely legal purposes.

Automatic SMS filtration system:
Our SMS system is based on a strict rules & regulations to deal with SMS that violate terms of use of JAWAL website or violate terms of use of communications & information technology in the United Arab Emirates. our SMS system handles the SMS that contains words that are obscene or threaten or infringe or contains numbers for advertising or short numbers such as 700 or SMS that sent to people's whom do not want receiving SMS. technical support team will check & filter the SMS and in some cases the SMS will be deleted or turn off the account that sent the SMS permanently without any compensation to the sender of the SMS; because of violation of terms of use of JAWAL website.
If any updates were made to the terms of use of JAWAL website, or privacy of user information, those updates will be published on the website to inform the users about it.

Conditions for using jawal services for sms
  • You agree to use this site only for lawful purposes , and that you will refrain from sending or submitting any material from this site that would prejudice or infringe on the rights of others or to prevent or limit the use of this site , or that is illegal , or to threaten or abuse or libel or infringement on the privacy of others , or the copyright of others , or obscene words , or offensive to religions or sacred or inviolable , or for any other reason is not acceptable , or that would encourage commission of a crime or violation involving civil liability, or where the violation of any law.
  • You promise not to pretend to be any other person in messages, whether individuals, companies, organizations or Government agencies . You also promise not to use explicit terms of winning or losing or other terms to be interpreted only as winning or losing, without having the right of conveying such a message that is true information about its receiver.
  • You promise not to send a spam messages to numbers unknown to you, at random or in a serial manner or to numbers whose holders have not give you the right of correspondence. In any of these cases, the laws of the united arab emirates Board of Telecommunication and Information Technology shall be carried out against you. If you violate the rules, your account will be immediately suspended without a prior notice or compensation until you provide counter-evidence, such as a proof that you represent a company which has allowed you to send on its behalf. In case of spam messages, you have to prove that you know the number holder who has no problem receiving your messages.

The website is not responsible for delay in sending or loss of messages in the following cases
  • Misspelling of mobile numbers.
  • Unavailability of network coverage for the receiver's mobile or being out of coverage.
  • If the length of the message was sent more than 4 messages, the probability of the arrival of the message to all the numbers and correctly be low because of the intolerance of the messages of this length .. DISCLAIM in this case there is a problem.