We provide SMS services for websites/applications owners, so they can communicate with their customers directly without the need to login to jawal website and transfer their data to it. Our programming team have developed a SMS Gateway service or what is known as "SMS API", which can be used by programmers and developers to connect to our website and take the advantage of all the SMS features, Regardless of the programming language that used to developed the website or the application that contain the mobile numbers that will be receive the SMS.

Connecting to our SMS API is so simple and easy, because it's a group of links that preform specific operations when calling it using HTTP, the developer just have to call the SMS API using account information and the message details, and the send process will be completed automatically through us, also SMS API provide a range of services such as inquiring for current balance, formatted SMS service, request a new sender name, and check the status of SMS service before sending the messages.

SMS API Services:
1 - Send SMS using an activated sender name, message text and mobile number that will receive the SMS.
2 - Send Arabic and English SMS.
3 - Send SMS to a group of mobiles numbers at once.
4 - Specify the time & date of sending the SMS in the future.
5 - Inquire about your current account balance.
6 - Send customized SMS messages, here you can send SMS messages to mobiles numbers by specifying the message test template, and the information of each mobile number, and the customized SMS API will 7 - automatically replace the information of each mobile number in the template messages, and send each message to its own mobile number.
7 - Request a new sender name and activate it.
8 - Retrieve your account password, in case you loss it.
9 - Change your account Password.

All you have to do to use our SMS API:
Register for free to get your account information and free balance to use the API.
Request a private sender name through the Request new sender form, so you can use it to send SMS or simple use the public sender name: JAWAL SMS.
Download the appropriate API’s functions for your system according to the programming language that was used to developing it, and implement the API function in your system in the operations that you want to send SMS from it, and don’t forget passing the required parameters of each function, so they will works the way they should.

Scripts examples to communicate with the transmission gates:
Our own transmission gates are not dependent on a particular operating system, so you can link your site that has been programmed using one of the following languages: ASP or ASP.Net or PHP or you can link your program, which is programmed using one of the following languages: Oracle or VB6 or ASP.NET or any system or other programming language.

All that is needed to communicate with the transmission gates is the availability of contact with the Internet, so that you can contact them directly through any Internet browser, and the programming team processed a total of programming examples and codes which describes a method for communicating with the transmission gates of a set of different programming languages and can be downloaded from through the following links .